Muskoka Lakes Bracelets is committed to helping fund local organizations that are in need. This year, 2020, we have chosen to support South Muskoka Hospital.

Every year the Hospital Foundation raises funds to purchase urgently needed equipment. It also funds important renovations and staff education. This year, in response to COVID19, they launched a COVID19 Emergency Response Fund. All of the equipment in the hospital is funded through donor dollars. The government does not pay for hospital equipment, therefore they rely on financial support from our community in order to provide the best possible health care.

The Emergency Response Fund will be used to acquire equipment and supplies related to the pandemic, including three new ICU beds at a cost of $45,000 each.“We don’t know what’s coming down the pipeline, but we don’t want money to be an issue” says the Foundation’s Executive Director Colin Miller, “so if the hospital needs something and we have money in the bank, we can buy it right away.”  Miller was quick to point out that many seasonal residents are already back in Muskoka which will place added pressure on hospital resources.

Long-time Muskoka cottagers, Tamara Bahry and Amanda Petrovic launched Muskoka Lakes bracelets in 2019 and partnered with local support organizations and Salt Fine Jewelry, to collaborate on custom-designed bracelets aimed at bringing awareness to the significant impact of the flooding in the Muskoka region that year. 

Massive floods across Muskoka caused extreme damage to homes and properties of many local families and their businesses in the area. Much of the damage was unfortunately not covered by insurance and the community residents required disaster assistance.

In 2019,  just in time for Canada Day, limited-edition Muskoka Lakes Bracelets were launched to support the 2019 Flood Victims via Muskoka Victim Services -- ensuring those who needed help, got it. 

“The flooding this year impacted both our seasonal and our permanent residents. Homes were flooded, property damaged, residents displaced, and families left in distress. Muskoka Victim Services has supplied crisis relief for the Muskoka region and continues to aid our affected community.  We need your support today to ensure we not only aid those presently in need but also those in the future.” – Phil Harding, Mayor of Muskoka Lakes

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“As a photographer, I’ve been able to capture many special moments in Muskoka. Creating art with purpose and being part of designing this bracelet, warms my heart. I love people, storytelling, and most importantly giving – and the local Muskoka community needs our help” said Tamara Bahry


“It’s the clear choice for us. Helping the local community is the only option. I feel blessed to revel in Muskoka’s beauty every summer. The local community is the heart of the region and they keep the community thriving. They are our neighbours and they wholeheartedly deserve our support” said Amanda Petrovic.

Supporters will be able to purchase a keepsake bracelet wrapped in silk in the shape of either Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph or Lake Rosseau to cherish on their wrists. Supporters can choose to order their bracelet map in either silver or gold, add pavé, or even place a diamond signifying their favourite location on the lake.


Tamara & Amanda

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Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 11.36.58